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Survey poll software
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Create a poll, custom design a microsite and collect data from all your entrants on one page! BeeLiked's advanced poll maker let's you ask multiple questions and even eliminate answers. Top of the Polls is a simple, yet fun approach to engage your audience and carry out market research!

Survey poll software
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Poll Maker features

Our poll maker is easy to use and cost effective.

Manage your poll

Moderate entries and pick winners from all correct answers with our winner spinner.

Advanced Poll features

Add multiple categories and even eliminate answers with the lowest votes. Perfect for a 'social awards'!

Add Images, Videos & Description

Each question & answer can have text, images or videos! If you are listing products you can even add a bio and link through the website page.

Collect opt in marketing data

Collect as much or as little marketing data as you wish, as well as encourage opt in to your marketing newsletters.

Custom brand your poll

Completely brand the page as you wish, choose from multiple templates, add your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

Fully mobile optimized

Embed your poll on your wordpress site, webpage, blog and Facebook page with a small snippet of code or plug-in.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of successful Survey Polls run via our platform.


Campaign name
Readers Choice Newsstand Awards
Campaign type
Poll contest
About Campaign

Barnes & Noble, are one of the largest, oldest publishers in town. They are also the people behind the awesome “NOOK” eReader.

Creating an awards program is a sure-fire way of reaching out for greater awareness. NOOK created the Newsstand Reader’s Choice awards, highlighting the fact that premium magazines and not just books, are also available on the NOOK.

Readers were invited to vote for their favorite magazines in eleven different categories. The winner each category was then declared The Readers Choice.

The BeeLiked platform took care of everything for the Barnes & Noble team. They wanted a platform that would extend the reach of the awards virally, and they wanted as many people to vote and read the free content that was available. Everything else, including likes, follows and newsletter opt-ins, was just a bonus.

Campaign Stats
  • 4,677


  • 1,152

    Email Opt ins

  • 35%



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