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Gather your audience opinion & inspire a debate with our poll creator

A fun and unique poll. Rankr lets your audience rank a selection in order of their preference. You can include images, videos, soundclips or plain old text. It's social too, so people can see their friend's lists - perfect for word of mouth marketing.

Rankr software
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Poll Creator features

Our poll maker is easy to use and cost effective.

Manage your poll

Moderate entries and pick winners with our winner spinner.

Advanced Poll features

Add multiple categories and even allow your entrants to see their friends’ answers!

Add Images & Videos

Each question & answer can have images or videos! Add videos from YouTube, Vine or Instagram.

Collect opt in marketing data

Collect as much or as little marketing data as you wish, as well as encourage opt in to your marketing newsletters.

Custom brand your poll

Completely brand the page as you wish, choose from multiple templates, add your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

Fully mobile optimized

Embed your poll on your wordpress site, webpage, blog and Facebook page with a small snippet of code or plug-in.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of successful campaigns run via our platform.

Sky Bet

Campaign name
UCL Predictor
Campaign type
About Campaign

Sky Bet are one of the biggest gambling companies in the UK, at the forefront of all sporting matters thanks being a part of the BSkyB Corporation. In an overly saturated market where the best odds brings in the customer, Sky Bet wanted to make a bit more noise for their Twitter fans.

They used BeeLiked’s Innovative ‘Rankr’ app as form of a predictor, launching a campaign that was both extremely challenging and different to any other engagement piece by any other brand in the gambling space.

The challenge, was to predict how the Champions League group stages would end up after 6 rounds, but at the halfway stage.

Campaign Results

The response to the campaign was great, with hundreds of customers taking the challenge over a few days! A great result considering the relatively small prize on offer of the latest Fifa game!

The challenge was certainly a difficult one with nobody managing to correctly predict the outcome of all 6 groups! Better luck next time guys!


Love Beets

Campaign name
Can't stop the beet
Campaign type
About Campaign

For several years now, beetroot has been trending hot and appearing on cooking shows, in magazines and of course on our menus. And now thanks to U.S company Love Beets you can get it in the form of a healthy organic drink!

With Love Beets values of healthy living, they decided to create a poll competition for the chance to win an iPod shuffle and a one-year gym membership! The challenge? What “beets” get you pumped for your workout? Rank a playlist of “beat” songs, including Britney Spears’ “The Beat Goes On” and Robyn’s “We Dance to the Beat.”

Fans were encouraged to share their ‘Ultimate Beet Playlist’ with friends, and could even see how their friends had voted on the microsite by connecting to Facebook or adding their @username into the search.

BeeLiked’s poll maker allowed Love Beets to randomly pick winners each week as well as a grand prize winner.

Campaign Results

The campaign was a great piece of content with hundreds of fans ranking the playlist in order of their preference. Love Beets also promoted an exercise video to run alongside the campaign which racked up over 4000 thousand views on YouTube. View here


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