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Image reveal quiz

Create a unique highly viral quiz for your audience with our quiz software - Fans are asked to guess to the hidden image

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Image reveal quiz is exciting, fun and addictive! Each entry reveals a little more of the image, incentivising your fan base to keep sharing the quiz out and placing a guess. What's more our quiz software makes it super simple to create - set up a quiz in minutes!

Image Reveal Quiz creator
  • Custom background & banner
  • Hidden Image
  • Enter to reveal

Quiz features

Fully mobile optimized. Embed on your website, blog or Facebook page.

Set an entry goal

Launch your microsite and embed on your website, blog or Facebook page.

Choose which pieces reveal last

Choose from a huge amount of functionality. Add image titles, descriptions, categories, geo-location or even captions on the images.

Advanced Quiz features

Fans can simply type in their answer with our automated correct answer recognition.

Collect opt in marketing data

Collect as much or as little marketing data as you wish, as well as encourage opt in to your marketing newsletters.

Custom brand your campaign

Completely brand the page as you wish, choose from multiple templates, add your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

Fully mobile optimized

Embed your campaign on your wordpress site, webpage, blog and Facebook page with a small snippet of code or plug-in.


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