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Cryptic image quiz

Our newest contest type - Cryptic image quiz is a great way to engage fans. Hide clues in an image and have people click the clue to guess the correct answer.

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cryptic image quiz
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cryptic image QUIZ makes a highly effective quiz contest

Cryptic Image Quiz is a contest that challenges your audience to guess multiple clues within an image. Engage and convert fans with this highly successful quiz format. 

Spot the ball
  • Include question
  • Create hotspots around each clue
  • List of answers to clues with instant feedback when clicked

Cryptic image QUIZ features

We have a range of features on our contest platform

Add multiple clues and their answers

Create as many clues as you like within your image and then link each clue to the correct answer. We work with

Mobile responsive and perfect on all devices

No matter which device the quiz is viewed, the cryptic image quiz will adapt to the screen size.

Socially connected to make your campaign viral

Allow people to sign in via their favorite social networks, collect data, and encourage entrants to post their scores

Collect opt in marketing data

Collect as much or as little marketing data as you wish, as well as encourage opt in to your marketing newsletters.

Custom brand your contest as you wish

You are in control of how the cryptic image quiz is designed, choose from multiple templates, add your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

Fully mobile optimized, embed anywhere or mask the domain

Embed your contest on your site, webpage, blog or use our advanced tools to mask the domain

Case Studies

Here is an example of successful Cryptic Image Quiz contest powered by The BeeLiked Platform.

John Grisham

Campaign name
John Grisham Beach Quiz
Campaign type
Cryptic image quiz
About the overall Campaign for Camino Island

BeeLiked together with OpenBracketDesign, working with Doubleday Publishing, a division of Penguin Random House, devised and launched a new campaign to help publicize John Grisham's thirtieth novel, Camino Island.

For the promotion, users are invited to explore a virtual Camino Island, and can choose to play one of the two Grisham themed interactive contests, Grisham Beach Cryptic Quiz, inspired by his collection of novels and Bay Books Heist, inspired by the latest book.

About the #Grisham30 Cryptic Image Quiz

#Grisham30 (or Grisham Beach Quiz) is a fun and exciting contest for Grisham fans. This highly addictive cryptic image quiz features an eclectic selection of 30 clues, each one representing a different Grisham novel. Fans that guess the answers correctly will be entered into a competition to win a signed collection of all 30 Grisham Novels!

Clues range from easy to fiendishly difficult, each one carefully constructed to keep fans amused and entertained for a long time. Cryptic Quizzes are great for campaigns looking to go viral as they are by nature very social and sharable as people enjoy solving the clues and sharing the answers.

Test your Grisham knowledge in the #Grisham30 Cryptic Image Quiz

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